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If the goat is already registered in A Peculiar Farm's name you will receive a completed Transfer Form to transfer the goat into your name as owner.  A Peculiar Farm will remain as the breeder.  Our goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry ( MGR ) www.myotonicgoatregistry.net
If you are planning on registering A Peculiar Farm goats with any of the other registries, we expect the goats name to remain the same, and that to use the lineage on the pedigree that A Peculiar Farm must remain as the breeder of said goat.  This helps keep the lineage and history of the goat which is a useful tool to many breeders. All goats leave A Peculiar Farm in good health up to date on all health care and free of disease.

Your Goat:

Once the said goat/goats leave our farm they will be the buyer's responsibility and all futher cost are buyer's responsiblity. All vet fees, health fees, transportation. If the goat becomes ill orhas issues after it has left A Peculiar Farm in no way is this connected with our farm name once they are in your hands health and care are you responsibility. However i can still worm, trim hooves, give vaccines, wether and etc for a fee.


You may hold a goat until weaned or up to agreed upon pick up date with a  non-refundable $50 deposit. If you are to purchase an older weaned goat you will have 2 weeks to pick up with a deposit. After the 2 weeks there will be a $3 a day care charge until picked up or once the goat has not been picked up for 4 weeks the deposit and animal becomes property of A Peculiar Farm again unless buyer has made other arangments with permission from A Peculiar Farm. Before the animal leaves A Peculiar Farm it will have to be paid in full in cash or have to of had the check clear two weeks in advance. I require full amount on buckling if you desire them to be wethered before i wether them.

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