A Peculiar Farm

We've Got Your Goat

Paisley's Pasture Pigs Boris 16- Snortin Norton

AKKPS # 6099

Registered Kune Kune Boar

Born 11-24-2017  

Sire: Brush Kunetry Farms Boris 1- Phineas

Dam: Griffin Gypsy Ranch Kereopa 1- Penelope

Hog on The Range Awakino 2- Mavis

AKKPS #1957

Registered Kune Kune Sow

Born 5-12-2015 

Sire: SSA Andrew 1 George 

Dam: Goose Meadow Awakino 8- Kaydence

Mavis Will be bred for Fall  2018 to Norton

The Milo Mini Farm Rebecaa Gina 3- Litte Miss Sunshine     

Born 1-13-16

AKKPS #2860  

Registered Kune Kune Sow

Sire: USA Mahia Love 9- Optimus Prime

Dam: BVF Rebecca Gina 3- Regina

Sunshine will be bred to Norton for Fall 2018 piglets

The Milo Mini Farm Awakino 5-

Born 3-2-16

AKKPS # 3126   

Registered Kune Kune Sow

Sire: USA MAhia Love 9- Optimus Prime

Dam: Goose Meadow Awakino 1- Taranaki

Cupcake Will be bred To Norton for Fall 2018 piglets


Pumba is a very friendly male he will follow you anywhere and is one of the farm favorites!

Born 2010
Strawberry the Pot Belly Pig

She is a great momma and has cute pigs for us!

Born 2012

Bred to Pumba for Summer 2018

Piglets born 7-15-18
4 spotted males, 1 black male, 1 spotted female available  $75-$100 each


Born 4-21-2017

Pot belly piglet sow full grown 30lbs

Litter born 7-11-18

2 black females, 1 spotted male and 1 black male available 

$50-$100 each

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