A Peculiar Farm

We've Got Your Goat

Raised the correct way emus can be extremely friendly!  As you can tell ours are all family raised and are good birds

Pictured is a female emu named Abby with our two children.
We currently have some adults for sale starting at $500 each
We have gathered quite the flock of Emu now and will be looking forward to Eggs and baby emus in the near future.

Pictured is   Barney one of our friendly male emu!

Born 2007
Fred the Emu Male

Loves feeding time and to clean your boots for you ;)

Born 2012

is a female emu we have paired with Rebel


Rebel was a stray emu wondering the hills of Lebanon MO  

He just decided to be a friendly stray and has become one of our friendliest emu we have!

Born 2015
This is Flinstone and Roxy

Breeding pair

Born 2014
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