A Peculiar Farm

We've Got Your Goat

Registered Kune Kune Boar

Born 10-24-2017  out of Phineas/Penelope


Registered Kune Kune Sow

Born 5-12-2015 out of SSA Andrew 1 George and Goose Meadow Awakino 8- Kaydence

Will be bred for Summer 2018


Pumba is a very friendly male he will follow you anywhere and is one of the farm favorites!

Born 2010
Strawberry the Pot Belly Pig

She is a great momma and has cute pigs for us!

Born 2012

Bred to Pumba for Spring 2018

Peppa the pot belly pig

Born 2015

Pink small pot belly sow

Bred to pumba for spring 2018